There is not bigger mistake than not doing something for thinking that is not enough or that we are not able to…
On March 19th, 1949 when Mother Teresa started her labour in Calcutta, a young woman approached to her saying:- “I’d love to work with you”. Mother answered her:- “It’s going to be hard”. The young girl answered:- “I know, I’m ready”. She remains with Mother. Agnes was the first volunteer of the Missionaries of Charity, since the first year, there have been thousands, the ones who has approached themselves to the “warm” of the Missionaries of Charity all over the world to collaborate with their activities.


From the beginning, Mother Teresa wanted to organized something for those benefactors who contributed with her with money, food, medicines or with their own work.
Mother Teresa always saw in the co-workers a good way for spreading her message of living God in the poorest of the poors. From Calcutta, the net of co-workers was spread all over the world. Today, there is a really big amount of people who has approached to them from nearly all the countries of the world. Many people has felt inside their hearts that calling to serve the poorest of the poors, and after knowing them have felt a part of the Missionaries of Charity.
Mother Teresa, referred to them with these words:- “I pray for you, to grow imitating Christ, to be real carriers of God love, and to show everybody His presence, in your families, with your neighbours, in your town, in your country...after this, all over the world will have a life example of the presence of God”.
And that’s right, Calcutta is the city of the volunteers. Anyone can arrive to Calcutta and from the first moment, start belonging to a really big family of volunteers. A family renewed day by day, which grows and decreased in order the period of the year in which we go, but always with older brothers and just arrived ones; who in few days will become old brothers. There is always a welcoming, a farewell, a birthday, something to celebrate… friendship is something natural and friends will be friends for the rest of your lives.
Everyone arrives with its own story, human aid, turists, new experiences…. But everybody leaves Calcutta with a common story.


Mother Teresa trusted absolutely on prayers, and on the suffering offered to God. From the beginning she wanted that every Missionary of charity and also herself were joined with a suffering co-worker, “encharged” of praying for a concrete sister, to pray for her holiness and for her vocation.


Mother Teresa loved to talk about the aim of her labour “ the calling of God to serve Him through the poorest of the poors”. "We are not here just for the work, we do it for Jesus”. We are religious not social assitants, nurses, nor teachers, we are Religious Missionaries. Everything we do, our prayers, our work, our sufferings, everything is for Jesus … He gives me forces. I love Him in the poors, and I love the poors in Him. Without Jesus, our life won’t have a real meaning, it would be misunderstood…We do it for Jesus ".
There is not bigger mistake than not doing something for thinking that is not enough or that we are not able to… and once we have arrived to Calcutta, although we don’t know anything, one feels like a little piece of a big mechanism made of million of little pieces. The “philosophy” of the Missionaries of charity, trusting their lives to the providence, count on the presence and work of the volunteers. The daily performance of the houses is minimum, each day their work is different.


They started their work in India (Calcutta, Ranchi, Jhansi, Delhi y Bombay) and from India they have spread their communities all over the world. Nowadays there are more than 600 houses in 136 countries.


We are not going to discover anything new about this little woman who has conquered the world with her smile. She usually said:"I do not anything, He is the one who makes everything. I’m just an instrument of His hand. I am surer about this than about my own existence”. And from Him she obtained her strength, once Mother Teresa joking saying: "God has gave me a real big present, He has given me an strong body ", necessary to carry on with her unbelievable reality, wonderful, trough the prayers and her work, work and prayers, and continuous journeys to spread her communities all over the world.
Mother Teresa is a very important personality of the XXth century, she didn’t look for fame and she didn’t avoid it, she just used it to glorify God. The Nobel price, the Kennedy one in the United States, the Bharat Ratna in India…made that people like the United Nations General Director introduced her as "the powerful woman of the world" and like that she show this in her 40th anniversary’s speech in the United Nations:- "It has been really wonderful. I have got them to pray in this place where never nobody had prayed before. I have told them: "This organization was created to promote the peace in the world. Let’s pray for God, the only who can give us the peace". I read them Saint Francesco of Assisi’ prayer: "Lord, make me a channel of your peace". A power that she always used in the name of the poors and in her profit, she never lost an opportunity, for example, during an interview for a Japanese newspaper, she did not doubt on saying: - " Mister Kato, you, who are a really good journalist, could you please write in your newspaper: "Mother Teresa needs a house, a beautiful house". Japanese are rich. Somebody who had two houses could give me one".
Mass media helped her to spread her message all over the world: "God is love. God has created human beings for love and He continues loving them everyday. That’s why we have to love God and to love everybody as He loves us. At the end of our lives we will be judged by the love, according to the love that we would have given during our lifetime". Love, respect for the life, peace… and for all of this prayers, Mother, invited everybody to obtain the holiness, which is not reserved only to a few religious people, but open to everybody, to all vocations. Mother advised us to be perfects in our professions, in our work. She knew that any of us had a different labour in the world, that God gives us a different gift depending on our social and personal position.
An anchor in turbulent waters
With those words E. Le Joly, writer and personal friend of Mother Teresa, the role that she represented for the world. The message of Mother Teresa is attractive for everybody, although they believe or not in God. Non believers and the ones who does not like praying, could open their hearts to think about the “good and the bad”. That will take them to love their fellow man.