How to help in Spain?  

The MC Sisters of Barcelona gives twice a day meals to the homeless. They are placed inside the church of San Agustín, close to the Ramblas and behind the “Ópera Theatre, called Liceo”, there is a room for volunteers, the canteen for the homeless and rooms for woman who need help.
Address:Iglesia de San Agustín Teléfono: 00.34.93-317-94-61SABADELL

Is a nice town close to Barcelona city. You can go there by train or by bus.The MC Sisters help mistreated woman with children.They have a room for volunteers.
Address:c/ Carretera Caldes nº 179Sabadell (Barcelona)Tel. 0034937251799

If you need more information, please contact with Enrique:[email protected]

The MC Sisters in Madrid take care of AIDS Illness: men and woman.
Old people and during Sundays and July children from poor families.

Also everyday at 16hs. they give meals to 300 homeless in the canteen
placed on the street Ronda de Segovia nº 1

Convent address:
Paseo de la Ermita del Santo nº 46
28011 - Madrid

Tel: +34.91.463.37.44

If you need more information, please contact with
Paco: [email protected]