How to help in Setubal?  

C/ Outeiro de Saude, 122900 Setúbal (Portugal)
Tel: +351.265525016

Before going to the house, please telephone Sister Joyline MC The house is divided in two:

1.- Sick babies

2.- Children (inmigrants without parents)

1.- 8 Babies with cerebral palsy.

Work: We have to feed, enjoy and take care of them; change pumpers, dress them up, go to the hospital with them, etc.

2.- Children from 2 to 13 years old, innmigrants.

Work: We play with them, give the smallest ones the meals, in summer we take them to the beach, etc.

Timetables: usually we start working at 9, we have lunch at 12:30, at 15:15 any volunteer who wants can joined to the MC Sisters to the Adoration time (time for prayer).At 19:30 we have dinnerIs very useful for the MC Sisters to go to Setubal by car, because they are all day taking children to the hospital and is really expensive; also with car is easier going to the beach with the children.

Where to sleep?
One year before volunteers could sleep in the house, but now there is no place, so you will have to go to some non expensive hotel close to the house. If you are going to look where is Setubal in a map, it is a big town one hour far from to Lisbon by coach and 30 minutes by car, is also close to Estoril, Cascais, Sesimbra, etc.

Meals:You can have lunch and dinner in the MC House.

If you need more information, please contact with Ana: [email protected]