How to help in Ethiopia?  

It is different depending on the latitude. In the tropical area the average is 26ºC, in the south tropical the average is 21ºC; in the warmest areas (heights above 2.800 m), the average is 16ºC. The main rainy season is from half June until September; followed by a dry season and interrupted from February to March with a period of rainy days.
It’s absolutely compulsory to bring a certify of Yellow Feber and Malaria Vaccines.

If you are thinking to be there for a long period of time it’s recommended to get vaccined of Hepatitis A & B, Tetanos, Tifoidea Feber, Meningitis, polio, etc.
Do not forget your anti-mosquitoes, wearing long sleeve shirts, long trousers, over all during the evening.
AIDS and Tuberculosis are the most spread illness in this country. During your days in Ethiopia the MC Sisters will suggest you to take care of many cautions if you go to help the illness.
Although it will be very warm, do not have a bath in rivers, nor in lakes, just wait to your shower, because water is infected with small worms really dangerous for the skin and which will bring about Filariosis.
Apron, sanitary gloves, hat (the sun is really strong in August) rainy coat (if you go from July til September);good shoes. Many T-Shirts and long sleeve shirts, socks. There are no sanitary towels for woman, you will have to take with you from your country.
Food and drinks:
Water is not drinkable, just drink botleled water or soft drinks, not fruit juices, nor ice cubes. In the MC Houses you could drink rain water or boiled water. If you can it will be better to bring pills which make drinkable the water.
Fruit is good but you will have to peel always and of course, do not eat salads nor any fresh product not cooked.

Before going to the Hose please call the MC Sisters:
House 1104 KBO3 W 13
Addis Ababa
Tel. 251/1/550895

Disinfecting soap for personal use, cleaning gloves, scourers and soap for clothes. Ropes and Scotch to fix the mosquitoes nets and clothes pegs.

How to arrive to Ethiopia:
By plane: Londres – Addis Abeba. (British Airways)
El Cairo- Addis Abeba (Egipt Air)
Roma- Addis Abeba (Ethiopian Airlines)
Paris- Addis Abeba (Air France)

To get into Ethiopia is required a visa that you can ask by post to the Egyptian Embassy in Paris. On the other hand you can buy it once arriving to Addis Abeba airport. It costs about 30 Euros, it has to be paid in Birrs, but you can change your money in the Airport.
You will have to keep 20 dollars at the end of your journey to pay the airport taxes to return to your country.

MC Houses:
In Ethiopia the Missionaries of charity have 14 houses, we went to:

- Addis Abeba
- Dire Dawa
- Jima
- Alamata
Addis Abbeba is the main town of Ethiopia.
The MC Sisters have a very big house plenty of illness, dying people and children.

Where to sleep in Addis Abeba?

Hotel: In Addis Abeba there are many hotels of different prices. Almost all of the volunteers, have been living in the Awraris Hotel. Address: Bole Region kebele 05. In front of St. Gabriel Hospital. Tel. 61 49 33 o 62 56 92/93. Email: [email protected]

The MC House of Dire Dawa?

There are nearly 700 people: overall mentally handicapped men and women, there are also ill children with their mothers, abandoned babies and women with AIDS.

Where to sleep?
In a hotel or in the MC Sisters House. If you choose the second choice, there are some rooms with several beds. There is no common water and you have to have a shower with bins of water. The Missionaries will give you very nice meals, breakfast and many fruits.

The MC House of Alamata
Alamata, is a city placed on the North of Ethiopia, 400 Km far from Addis Abbeba,
In the MC House there are 300 people: illnesses (tuberculosis, Aids, cáncer, etc.), their families and abandoned children.
In Almata there is Malaria so you must take pills for it.

How to get there?:
There is no airport. You will last 1 day by car. We do not recommend you to go by bus.

Where to sleep in Alamata?
You can only sleep in the MC House, there are not Hotels.

The MC House of JIMMA?

P.O Box 107. Jimma. Kaffa. Etiopía.
Tel: 00(251) 7-11 09 39
Before going ALWAYS, please telephone sister superior: Sister M.Luciana or Sister Marta John.

How to arrive to Jimma?

The town is 380 Km. Far from Addis Ababa.
By plane: Half an hour.
Tel. Ethiopian Airlines: (251-1) 616 666. o el 517 000.
Plane tickets can be bought inside the Hilton Hotel of Addis Ababa. Price = 490 birr each travel ( 1 € = 10 birr aprox.)
Taxi: there are many companies which can do it, it is expensive and slow. It lasts 8 -10 hours. Price must be negotiated before leaving Addis Abbeba. One car for 8 people can cost about 1200 birr, because we have to pay the return, some of them, even, ask money for the hotel of the driver.
Transport companies:
Wondwesen Sisay. TF casa: (+251) 1- 52 41 38 / Tel.Mobile: 09 40 43 18
Distance Travel agency: Tf: (+251) 1- 15 17 15 o 51 59 78
Galaxy express Services Plc: Tf: (+251) 1- 51 03 55 o 51 76 46
E.mail: [email protected]
Hess Travel Ethiopia(+251) 1- 512675 o 550619
E.mail: [email protected]

Once arriving Jimma asked for the Catholic Misión which is closed to Seto School.

Where to sleep?
There are many small hotels in the city, but there are 30 minutes far walking from the MC House. In the MC House there is a room with a little garden. You can also sleep there (ask before going).

GMH Hotel (11 01 03)
Wolde Aregaw & Family´s Hotel (11 27 31)



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