How to help in Calcutta?  

Once you have landed in Delhi, you’ll have to take a taxi pre-paid and we recommend you to take a "Delhi Traffic Police Prepaid Taxi".
If you can book your hotel from your country is better than to arrive there without one, because they will try to take you somewhere expensive or where they will try to make you paid 2500 rs instead of 100 which is its price. If the taxi driver insists tell him than you have a date with some friends there, and you can not change the place.


Almost all of the volunteers sleep in the hotels placed around Sudder Street. There are very cheap hotels. The price do not includes the breakfast. Hotel Paragon & Hotel Maria, are the favourites.

Hotel Paragon: Tel. (00 91) 244 2445, 2 Stuart Lane.
Hotel Maria: Tel. (00 91) 245 0860, close to the Hotel Paragon.
Modern Lodge: Tel.(00 91) 243 4690, 1 Stuart Lane.
Salvation Army: Tel. (00 91) 245 0599, 2 Sudder Street.


As you can not eat in the hotels of Sudder Street, you can go to several occidental restaurants with nice menus of rice, spaghetti, "nans" (flour with cheese), "lassies" (milk shakes), pizza, etc.Another choice is to buy fruit in New Market and eat it in the terrace of the hotel.
JoJo's Restaurant: in Stuart Lane, in front of Hotel Maria
Blue Sky: close to Stuart Lane, on the right hand of Sudder Street
Zurich: In the corner of Sudder Street with Chowringhee Lane


Befote going to India you must be vaccined of: Tétanos, Yellow fever, Hepatítis A & B, Cólera and paludism. You will have to bring the certify with you. And these vaccines must be taken 3 weeks before going.


To travel to India is required a visa, available for 6 months.


We recommend you the Lonely Planet (Ed. Kairos): North INDIA one. It’s very useful.


Shishu Bavan
Nabo Jibon
Ghandi School
Daya Dan
Shanti Dan


Nirmal Hriday (the House of the Pure Heart) is a house for dying people semidetached to Kali temple. It was the first of the MC Houses founded in 1952 and this is the place where is condensed Mother Teresa message: to love the poorest of the poor, to let the people who is going to dye, dye with a smile in their faces, and feeling loved. Volunteers, under the supervision of the MC Sisters, should clean, feed and help sick people, wash their clothes, given them some massages, etc. Patients are divided in 2 areas, in order to their sex. Is recommended to wear clinic gloves (there are not). Nirmal Hriday is in the underground stop: Kalighat, 6 stops from Park Street one (5 minutes far from Sudder Street). 3 Rs is the price.


Nabo Jibon is a house carried out by the MC Brothers; they take care of orphan mentally handicapped children. There are only accepted male volunteers. On Sunday the children of the street come to take a bath in the house and to play with the volunteers. In this case, female volunteers are also accepted to help there. Nabo Jibon is in Howrah, in Talam Tala district, 20 minutes far from the railway station. You can take the bus 75B from Howrah Station, or the bus 26 from Esplanade.


The “Shishu Baba” of Bose Road is an orphanage close to Mother House. In this house the MC Sisters take care of children from 0 to 6 years old, mentally and physically handicapped children and undernourished children. This house is just for female volunteers and is also opened during the evenings (15:00 h.-17:00 h.)


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