How to help in Alexandria?  

10 Shara El Mufatish
Alexandria (Egypt)

E-mail: [email protected]
(Egyptian co-worker, write him in English, please)

The Missionaries of Charity of Alexandria do need volunteers.
There is a community of 6 MC sisters which take care of mentally handicapped
(men and woman).
They live in a very poor district of the town, among Muslims. They respect them, but they do no help.
The house is big and really beautiful, it has a nice garden, a Coptic church and is divided in two areas: woman and men.
The sisters would love to do during the summer time a “summer camp” with the children
of the district.
Last year some co-workers from Malta went to do it and the sisters say that children enjoyed a lot playing in the garden and receiving care from the volunteers. They all say that it was a really
wonderful experience for everybody.

Where to sleep: you will have to ask Medhat Mikhail ([email protected]
Egyptian co-worker) to see how to organize it, because the MC Sisters have place in the house for people but it depends on the number of people who goes; also they told me that in July there will be some sisters from other houses of the region doing a retreat.
If you could not sleep in the house Medhat could tell you some nice little hotel to go. Alexandria is a really nice town, close to the see and very cheap for European and American turists

Plane ticket: you can book on Internet, because is cheaper than in travel agencies, but is cheaper to go to El Cairo
than to Alexandria because there are more flights. And, by the way, you can visit the unforgettable city of the Pyramids of Gyza, the river Nile and the city of the 137’s really wonderful.
Then you can take a coach or a train from El Cairo to Alexandria, there are just 221 km. It’s comfortable and cheap.
In any case hire a car, please do not do it, because there signs are in Arabia language and Egyptians drive really really bad.

Befote going there, please call the MC Sisters and in your country you have to go to the Egyptian Embassy to take a visa.
If it won’t be possible for you, in the airport of El Cairo you will also could do it paying 40 dollars.
Egyptian money is the Egyptian pound (1 L.E.= 6 dollars).
You only can change there, in the airport there are 3 or 4 banks.
Language = In Egypt everybody speak English and many of them French too.

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